Dr.-Ing. Uwe FrostHead of Pollution Control Department

Immission Control

The Immission Control department deals with problems related to the environmental issues of noise pollutants and air quality, which occur as part of land-use design, infrastructure design and technical design. The services comprise the verification and assessment of specific sets of measures for both the local residents affected by the project and future users. The level of noise and air pollutant emissions induced by infrastructural measures is forecast by means of 3-dimensional dispersion calculations based on computerized and model-supported methods. The currently valid methods of calculation (German standard DIN 18005, German guidelines for noise protection at roads (RLS-90), parking lot study of the Bavarian department for environmental protection, ...) are taken into consideration. Measurements carried out by using certified measuring devices are used to determine reference and test values. Noise and air immission control involves a wide range of tasks and issues. Brenner BERNARD ingenieure GmbH provides you with expert advice and comprehensive support to answer your questions regarding noise and air immission control.

Further information

Traffic noise

For significant changes to roads and intersections as well as of all new construction measures (roads, railroads), verification of noise and air immission must be kept according to the 16th ordinance on execution of the German federal immission control act (BImSchV). Dispersion calculations also play an increasingly important role when providing evidence of the impact of traffic infrastructure on climate.

Brenner BERNARD ingenieure GmbH prepares the necessary noise immission calculations for you, compares them with the legal limits, and provides proposals for dimensioning noise protection measures. Finally, specific noise protection measures that take into account cost and financing aspects are elaborated in dialogue with the client and specialist planners.